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Michelangelo and Raffaello Rubino are the artists who designed, conceptualized and helped realize SanGimignano1300.

Coming from an artistic family, they trained artistically and technically in the workshop of their father Sergio Rubino. In their early age, they experimented with alternative ceramic forms and the integration of various mediums, including metal and wood. In 1993 they established the “Village Studio” in New York City, which after just one year exhibited its creations in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Universal Studios, and a variety of Galleries throughout the United States. In 1996 the brothers were chosen to recreate the entire Island of Capri in ceramic.

This is a monumental work, exhibited in the Commune of Anacapri,and is seen and admired by millions of visitors each year. During the following years, still in United States, the Rubino brothers founded RaMi Design and realized some prestigious and complex projects that drew on their unparalleled creativity and included furniture and award winning interior design.

In 2006, the brothers moved to San Gimignano where the City’s history, culture, and architecture inspired their vision to create SanGimignano 1300.


He’s definitely a Renaissance character, he paints, builds, and creates. You have to see it completed to believe what he has done.

. Raffaello
He is a person of few words, but by working with him, you understand that there are no differences between art and nature. "Everything must be carried out in harmony" - this is what he believes and it shows in his art.